Styling 101 : How To Choose What Jewelry Works For Your Neckline

We put together eight styling tips you'll need to pair the right jewelry with your favorite top. So you can spend less time in front of the mirror and more time enjoying your night out!

From Off-Shoulder to Turtleneck and everything in between, there are dozens of different styles to choose from. But what jewelry pairs well with a boat neck or halter top? Ultimately, the choice is yours, but if you need a little advice to make your life easier, we got you!

1. Turtleneck

It often feels like the jewelry options for turtlenecks are limited but, they don’t have to be. When choosing accessories for a Turtleneck, focus on length. Layer a shorter necklace and a longer pendant necklace for a simple yet refined look. Gold hoops, simple pearls, or drop earrings are a great choice if you want a modern take on the beatnik style (Think Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face). 

2. Scoop 

The scoop is a simple neckline to pair with your favorite jewels. For a refined look keep your necklaces above or below the neckline, not directly on it. Opt for fun statement pieces that will accentuate the neckline.

3. High Neck 

A high neckline makes a wonderful canvas for almost all jewelry. Everything you wear will pop. Chunky chains or big statement pieces look great on high necklines. For a delicate touch add small textured hoop earrings. 

4. Boat Neck 

This neckline allows for several possibilities. Longer beaded or charm necklaces pair well with this style. Layered pearl necklaces offer a timeless look that can transition to both day and night. 

5. Halter

Depending on the style, opt for hoop earrings or drop earrings. If you are looking to stay on the trendier side, layer a few gold chains directly on the halter. Or, try a slim pendant or v-shaped necklace for a sophisticated look. 

6. V-Neck 

This classic neckline shows off your collar bone, and a little more depending on the cut you choose. The best part about this neckline is that you can wear a blouse or a t-shirt and instantly transform it. Start by layering a few delicate pieces like a choker or chain link necklace. Add a longer pendant for extra detail. A good rule of thumb is that one necklace should touch your skin while the other should touch the fabric. Don’t be afraid to layer. 

7. Sweetheart 

This romantic neckline is known for its curves. You can style the Sweetheart with a delicate pendant or chunky statement necklace. Avoid overcrowding the sweetheart shape and opt for styles that sit a few inches above the neckline. 

8. Off-Shoulder 

The possibilities are endless with this neckline that elegantly shows off your neck and shoulders. Accentuate them with a stylish choker or delicate chain. Go big and wear an elaborate statement necklace that falls a few inches above the fabric. For a minimal yet refined look forgo the necklace and opt for long dangling earrings.